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Our new Ideal partner

21 June 2016





Say hello to Ideal Bathroom's newest partner, Just Trays, who have teamed up with Ideal to bolster the brand's product distribution. John Schofield, Sales and Marketing Director at Just Trays, talks about the new relationship and what it means to Just Trays.


Tell us a little about Just Trays

Just Trays have been manufacturing shower trays in Britain for 27 years. We're the largest tray manufacturer in the UK – this year we'll make around 230,000 products. We pride ourselves on quality and innovation, and of course our high level of customer service. Our products are fundamental as they are the key component of the shower enclosure. It's so important that the product is right first time, every time, because otherwise everything gets delayed. We're extremely proud that we make everything ourselves so we can maintain a level of excellence. This year we're investing £1 million in new machinery at our factory in Leeds to improve our efficiency and quality. We currently have around 85 employees - most of them work in our factory, we have a small sales team out on the road, and a few people dedicated to contracts as well.


This is a new relationship for Just Trays.

Why have you decided to start working with Ideal? Ideal Bathrooms are a very strong national distributor. They understand what's required and how passionate we are about our brand. They do a very good job at translating that to the customer. The way they market their own business, and the way they promote the brands they offer within that business, is second to none. We have a small number of distribution partners and it's essential we have somebody who can represent our brand with the same pride and passion that we do. We believe that Ideal Bathrooms can do that


Which of your ranges will Ideal stock and what would you like showrooms to know about Just Trays?

They will be stocking our JTFUSION, JTMERLIN and JTULTRACAST products. The key thing for us is that we're the leading brand of shower trays in the UK and we're working with a distribution partner who is prepared to support us. There will be no issues with service and our relationship with Ideal should give the retailer confidence.


Danielle Lillis shares her thoughts on the partnership

As the number one UK distributor we're extremely proud to carry over £7m of stock from the industry's leading brands, with the ability to deliver these products to your business, next day. Just last summer we became the new national distributor for April products, so the introduction of Just Trays to our portfolio further strengthens our overall tray and enclosure offering – a key development in our business strategy. The Ideal Bathroom team are excited about this new relationship, both Just Trays and Ideal Bathrooms are a great match, more importantly our customers can now have access to another great brand. As we like to say – That's Ideal!


Just Trays products are now available from Ideal Bathrooms, for further information contact the sales office or your Area Sales Manager.


Click here to view the Just Trays ranges at retail prices excluding VAT

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