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A Leading Shower Tray Expert Discusses The Benefits of Accessible Showering

Date Added: 01.09.2023

Trends in bathroom designs and functionalities have continued to evolve over the past few years, from minimalist bathrooms and natural textures to stylish walk-in showers and extravagant spa-like sanctuaries. But despite all of these trends, accessibility has continued to remain a key focus for those looking to upgrade their showering space, with thoughtful and inclusive showering design solutions continuing to prevail as a must-have. 

Recent sales figures from the leading shower tray manufacturer, Just Trays, have revealed that 1 in 5 of all shower tray sales to retailers contain anti-slip properties, with a continuous uplift in anti-slip sales since the innovation was launched by the manufacturer 10 years ago.

So, what are the benefits of accessible showering, and why are consumers increasingly searching for inclusive designs and functions? Here, John Schofield, Sales and Marketing Manager at the leading shower tray manufacturer Just Trays, discusses why the industry should ensure accessible showering is a top priority.

1. It provides a safer showering experience
“Safety should always be a paramount consideration when designing bathroom spaces, particularly shower areas. Slippery surfaces can pose significant hazards, especially to vulnerable individuals who may have mobility challenges. Here at JT, we have conducted our own research which has found that out of 1,000 UK residents surveyed, 82.2% have experienced a slip in the bathroom at least once in their lifetime.

“However, when thinking of anti-slip, many consumers think of unsightly rubber shower mats that aren’t great to look at and can ruin the aesthetic of what was a visually pleasing showering space. Here at JT, we have invested in anti-slip properties which can be built into the skin of our shower trays, providing consumers with the reassurance they need to minimize slips and falls without sacrificing style.”

2. Minimal maintenance, maximum durability
“Clients are continuing to search for showering solutions that are built to last, especially amidst the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. Whilst some homeowners may be looking to renovate their bathrooms or showering space at a lower cost to cut back on costs due to the current financial crisis, every penny counts – so it’s vital to provide homeowners with the installation confidence they require.

“Anti-slip shower trays are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use whilst requiring minimal maintenance, saving your clients time, effort and money in the long run and serving as a key investment. Clients can ensure accessible and safe showering that is easy to maintain and clean by investing in a shower tray that is built with anti-slip properties.”

3. Anti-slip enhances accessibility
“The call for accessible showering solutions is not just a passing trend – it reflects the growing awareness and commitment to inclusivity in bathroom design. Anti-slip shower trays can ensure that people of all ages and physical abilities can shower with confidence and ease.

“For individuals with limited mobility or physical challenges, bathing can be a deeply personal and often challenging experience. Research from Age UK has revealed that 6 people over the age of 65 fall every minute in the UK, so it’s clear that anti-slip showering is essential to serving as critical preventive measure against accidents.

“Anti-slip showering solutions can empower those to maintain their independence and dignity, as they can confidently shower without needing constant assistance. By offering anti-slip showering solutions, you can ensure all customers’ needs are met.

“Here at JT, we’ve been designing, innovating, and producing shower trays from our headquarters in Leeds for almost 35 years, cementing our position as the UK’s number one shower tray manufacturer. We pride ourselves in offering a tray to suit any size and shape to help homeowners’ bathroom renovations come to life, offering a bespoke service to fit any bathroom suite, however challenging!”

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