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Ceraflex & Ceraline: Bringing new levels of compatibility and quality into the bathroom

Date Added: 26.10.2018

Taps may be everyday items in households, but each one has its own story, which influences its performance once installed. Ideal Standard’s new brassware collection has a story worth celebrating and has been touring merchants and retail showrooms across the country as part of the Big Turn On campaign. The recently released group of taps, which is made up of six core ranges, each with their own individual benefits and selling points, has already generated a lot of excitement.

Ideal Standard’s new brassware collection offers models suitable for a range of applications, meeting the needs of both residential new build and the RMI market. The family comprises: Calista, Ceraflex, Caraline, Tempo, Tesi and Concept Air. Here, we look at two of those, Ceraflex and Ceraline, and the qualities which set them apart from other, more ordinary, taps.

Cost-efficient brassware

With rising energy and water bills, saving homeowners money is increasingly important. To address this, Ideal Standard’s latest FirmaFlow® ceramic cartridge, which conserves users water and energy, is featured within Ceraflex. This cartridge is also extremely durable and has a lifespan of 500,000 cycles, which is equal to an incredible 10 to 15 years of daily use in real life settings. When considering that the operating life of the average tap on the market is less than half of that, the benefits for homeowners and plumbers are clear.

When it comes to aesthetics, Ceraflex offers versatile styling with a robust look and feel, suggesting quality and dependability. This makes it the ideal choice for a large range of properties, particularly new residential developments.

The range also incorporates a number of technological factors making it stand out. This includes, flow straighteners, which maximise flow rates and temperature limit stops on basin and one hole bath mixers which can be pre-set to ensure comfort and safety for users.  Basin mixers are also pre-fitted with eco-flow regulators to help optimise water usage.

At the same time, Ceraline, another tap in Ideal Standard’s new portfolio offers similar advances in technology, but with an iconic cylindrical body which complements a range of ceramicware. Most of the range is suitable for both high and low pressure systems, making it ideal for use in both new build and bathroom improvement projects.

Both Ceraline and Ceraflex are designed to make the lives of those installing them easier. Ideal Standard’s Easyfix system allows for faster, hassle free fitting and reduces the risk of leakage and limescale. The two ranges also include flexible tails which are free to rotate. This helps prevent kinking and further simplifies the installation process.

All of Ideal Standard’s brassware products go through a rigorous quality control process, having been manufactured in sites in Bulgaria and Germany. Both of these plants subscribe to our ethos that a tap is only as good as the raw materials they’re made from. The quality of the brass used in every tap sold by Ideal Standard meets the high requirements set by German legislation. These standards are the highest across Europe, and as such, all markets receiving Ideal Standard taps benefit from ultra-dependable brassware.

Engineering excellence

A combination of skilled craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing capabilities has resulted in an extremely versatile collection by Ideal Standard which meets even the toughest European performance standards. This was demonstrated as part of Ideal Standard’s Big Turn On tour, in which the taps were put to the test by installers across the country. The tour saw plumbers test their mettle and our metal by racing to turn the taps on and off as many times as they could in 15 seconds. The tour finished at the end of October, with the taps having undergone tens of thousands of cycles, and still standing up to the challenge.

When choosing taps, quality is often overlooked in favour of cost. This shouldn’t be the case, as these are essential items which homeowners depend upon. Therefore, they need to stand up to the challenges of the modern home. Ideal Standard’s new range helps users save money in the long term with low maintenance and replacement costs. At the same time, their reliability, in turn, helps bolster the reputation of those offering them.

For more information about Ideal Standard’s latest brassware range, including Ceraflex and Ceraline, as well as a recap of the Big Turn On campaign, visit

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