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How To Save Energy With Grohe

Date Added: 23.08.2023

Bathrooms are one of the most high-resource consuming rooms, so implementing efficiency here is an ideal starting point when looking to reduce energy consumption.

GROHE offers water and energy saving technologies for both taps and showers making it possible to save on consumption without compromising on comfort and enjoyment.

Tap into cold-start technology

Sustainable and eco-friendly doesn’t mean having to compromise when it comes to bathroom design. Refined and refreshed for the demands of modern bathrooms, GROHE’s popular tap models Eurosmart, Bau, Essence, and Lineare have contemporary designs and high-spouts for user comfort. Hidden inside, GROHE technology provides energy saving aspects while delivering the best performance.

GROHE’s modern technology provides energy saving credentials in 3 ways:

• GROHE’s flow limiting technology, ‘EcoJoy’, reduces water flow by up to 50%.
• Innovative ‘Cold-start’ technology means only cold water will run when the tap’s lever is in middle position, helping to reduce using warm water unnecessarily.
• With thermostatic showering technology, GROHE prevents water wastage through precise temperature control

With skyrocketing energy prices and sustainability being on everyone’s mind, saving resources is more important than ever. GROHE offers affordable products for a sustainable lifestyle, saving water and energy without compromising on performance.

Equipped with innovative ‘Cold-start’ technology, the taps help to reduce energy usage by dispensing warm water when the lever is pushed left beyond the middle position, helping to make running warm water a more conscious decision when really needed.

Alongside GROHE’s cold-start technology, the tap models also include GROHE’s EcoJoy technology which further supports reducing consumption. GROHE Ecojoy provides a reduced water flow, with up to 50% less water use, providing users with the added bonus of saving on water, alongside energy.

Sustainable shower solutions

Innovative thermostatic shower mixers such as the Grohtherm 1000 Performance thermostat deliver ultimate showering comforts while helping users to save water and energy.

With advanced thermostatic technology, GROHE’s thermostatic bar mixers provides precise temperature control and corrects temperature fluctuations within a fraction of a second, meaning water wastage through running the shower while adjusting the temperature is a thing of the past.

Models like the Grohtherm 1000 Performance mixer also comes packed with GROHE’s flow reducing technology, EcoJoy, and an EcoButton which users can use to efficiently switch between the eco-flow or full-flow depending on preference and need. Pairing thermostatic mixers with water-saving showerheads can deliver
the best in sustainable showering. GROHE’s Tempesta 250 shower head features GROHE’s flow-restricting technology, EcoJoy, which helps to save water without impacting performance.

Sustainability at GROHE

As a global leader in premium bathroom fittings, with sustainability as a core value, GROHE has made a number of sustainable achievements and initiatives. Most recently in 2021, GROHE reached a 38.7% reduction in water consumption across production, exceeding its own target of 20%. GROHE also succeeded in reducing their plastic packaging and became plastic free as of January 2022.

Since 2019, GROHE has been utilising green electricity and also has been investing in solar technology, combined heat and power plants and innovative manufacturing processes to further support in saving resources. As a result, GROHE is proud to have achieved carbon neutral production across their international production sites and has been able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by around 40% since 2014, while at the same time increasing its
energy efficiency by 24%.

To find out more about GROHE’s resource saving product and what it can offer, speak to your Area Sales Manager. All products mentioned in this article are represented in the yellow price guide and can be purchased from Ideal Bathrooms.

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