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Hygiene & Energy Efficiency Boost Smart Tech Bathrooms

Date Added: 22.08.2023

Smart tech is everywhere, on our bodies, on the roads and in our homes. Bathrooms are no exception, with a variety of exciting innovations making the smallest room in the home more connected to users than ever before.

Data from Allied Market Research showed the smart bathroom market was valued at $3.7 billion in 2020 and is expected to hit $10.8 billion by 2030.

The inclusion of smart bathroom tech in a renovation could be driven by the want for a more personalised shower experience and perhaps a more hygienic toilet experience. For many, though, it is the increased focus on hygiene over recent years that has pushed the demand for touchless brassware and mirrors, as well as shower toilets that clean with water.

Smart technology is increasingly changing the way we see and interact with the bathroom world.

Smart mirrors

Smart mirrors have been around for a while, but new models with increased interactivity are being launched consistently. Tavistock Bathrooms offer a range of mirrors with a variety of functions, from heated options to avoid steaming up to models with infrared sensors, taking away the need for a switch, or to press a button, with wet hands. There is also the range of Resonate Mirror that have Bluetooth capability and an integrated speaker, so you can listen to your favourite tunes while you get ready. Some, like the Slide Mirror, also include USB charging points and shaving plugs.

Smart showers
Smart showers use electronics to control the temperature, rate of water flow and many other things, which can be chosen on a remote or your phone. The new generation of smart showers, such as the Lumi and Evolve by Aqualisa, offer voice-activated technology, allowing you to tell your shower to turn on, without having to brave the cold.

The GROHE RainShower smart control shower system, offers customers a digital display and smart controlled push button to turn on and off. While the GROHTHERM SmartControl Thermostat includes the GROHE SafeStop safety button and SafeStop Plus temperature limiter to help create a seamless shower experience.

Hygiene is top of everyone’s list of priorities, no more so than when it comes to bathroom matters, so the shower toilet is one piece of digital technology that really stands out as making a difference. 

Geberit’s AquaClean shower toilet is one such model, which allows users to feel fresh and clean every time they use the toilet. At the touch of a button, a hidden spray arm extends to clean users with a jet of warm water, the temperature and intensity of which can be set according to preference.

Some models, including the Geberit Aquaclean Mera Comfort and Geberit Aquaclean Tuma Comfort, even offer a drying option with warm air, or a sensorcontrolled
night-light to guide your way in the dark.

Touchless brassware
Another trend led by the increased focus on hygiene, particularly post-Covid, is touchless technology, allowing you to flush toilets and operate taps without needing to touch them.

GROHE offers several options using infrared technology to turn taps on without touching; this has been seen in the commercial space for some years, and it is now moving to the domestic market. 

And for toilets, Geberit have a range of touchless operation flush plates, offering ultimate hygiene for homes as well as commercial premises without compromising on design. The Sigma10 which is available in seven colours including matt or gloss black, is tamper proof which means it is perfect for public washrooms.

Meanwhile, the Sigma80 is an award winning design made from high quality glass with a durable LED light available in five different colour options. The plate is available in both black and clear glass and can be connected via the Geberit Control app.

Smart technology is here to stay. It can already control our lights, heating and TVs, and anticipate what movies we would like to watch. Why shouldn’t it have a place in our bathroom too?

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