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Shower Technology is advancing - Why?

Date Added: 12.10.2018

Sian Brink, Senior Product Manager for Smart at Aqualisa discusses the key drivers behind the latest advances in shower technology, and why homeowners are finding these changes beneficial for the long-term.

The bathroom was recently identified as a renovation priority for UK homeowners, with a report from Hiscox revealing that 54% are either currently undertaking a bathroom project or planning one. There is also an identifiable trend to incorporate the latest technology in the bathroom, with smart showers in particular continuing to increase in popularity. Here, we delve a little further into why smart technology is becoming a ‘must have’ for any modern bathroom design.

Intuitive Control

The rising interest in smart showers is part of a general trend towards convenience and personalisation in the home which the new technology, pioneered by Aqualisa, achieves with remote control and a pre-set programme from which to calibrate your favourite shower. With its simple on/off touch switch, the Aqualisa Q™ is responsive and easy to use, greeting you with a friendly ‘Hello’ displayed on its screen before it powers on. Its warm up feature will hold the water at the desired temperature until the user is ready to start their shower, and the multi-functional Q™ lever adjusts the flow when you move it up and down.

Furthermore, temperature ready LED indicators also remove any need to check the water temperature manually - so there’s no reason the end-user should need to get that annoying wet arm! Showers that utilise a remote control and Bluetooth technology also enable users to activate their shower wirelessly before stepping in.

A Personalised Experience

A recent study by Deloitte revealed that one in every three consumers are now interested in purchasing personalised products, with one in every four consumers willing to pay more for them. Smart showers can uniquely adapt to all moods and lifestyles to be able to deliver a chosen shower experience every time, at the touch of a button.

This can also relate to the configuration of the shower itself, with concealed or exposed models, as well as further choices, such as single or dual outlets and lavish ceiling mounted drencher heads available.

The Aqualisa Q™ controller comes with pre-set shower experiences built into its menu. This helps the end-user to choose a shower-type with ease, to reflect their mood or environment, based on pre-set combinations of flow, outlet, temperature and duration. Alternatively, if one of the pre-set experiences is not perfect for the end-user, the shower profile can be completely personalised, set and saved by the controller. The shower will also remember this adjusted profile, so the user will be able to return to this option whenever they wish.

Water Saving

The amount of water used when showering is a key concern for eco-conscious homeowners when renovating their bathrooms. The cost of water bills is prompting consumers to look for products that deliver economy and value for money. It is no surprise that 50% of homes have had a water meter fitted to measure their average water consumption. Here, smart shower technology plays a key role in reducing costs and preventing water wastage for homeowners.

Smart showers are available with specific settings for minimising water use, which cut down on water output without compromising the luxury experience of a drencher head or dual outlet arrangement.

In addition, Aqualisa’s range of smart showers all have an ‘eco’ setting, which reduces water flow by as much as 33%. For example, the Aqualisa Q™ has a water save option which automatically reduces water output when you step more than half a metre away from the proximity sensor. However, normal water flow will resume when the user steps back towards the shower.

A built-in timer feature enables users to specify their chosen shower duration, and in some cases, this feature can also shut off the water output automatically after this pre-set period of time. For this reason, a smart shower can be a great addition to a family bathroom, for a range of family members who want to predetermine their time in the shower, saving water and energy in the process.

For those seeking to modernise their bathrooms or simplify their bathroom routine, a smart shower is an ideal recommendation. With the ability to control water delivery and usage, smart showers adapt to the user’s personal lifestyle choices to create the perfect showering experience everytime.

For more information, please visit or follow @AqualisaShowers.

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