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The new innovative shower pump from Salamander

Date Added: 08.07.2019

With bathroom renovations growing in popularity, Salamander Pumps has introduced an innovative new shower pump to provide homeowners with the water pressure and shower experience they would expect from a new bathroom.

Aiming to overcome the issue of homeowners splashing out on a stylish new bathroom, only to find that their new luxury shower doesn’t give the performance they desire, Salamander has developed a first-of-its-kind shower pump to ensure the renovations live up to expectations.

Easy to specify

EVE is a new, twin-ended universal shower pump, that has adjustable pressure settings – making product selection really easy – if you have a gravity fed system (where there’s a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard and a water tank in the loft) then EVE will work.

The pump features a sensor which monitors water flow and detects any changes, it then varies the speed of its brushless motor in order to maintain constant pressure, no matter how many outlets in the home are open at any one time. It’s EVE’s variable speed motor that means that the pump can be set to 1.5 bar, 2.0 bar or 3.0 bar, depending on user preference.

Not only this, EVE is the first pump on the market to fit into both positive and negative head situations, without the need for a pressure vessel. The technology within the pump makes specification of the pump extremely easy and means that there is no longer a need for installers or homeowners alike to have to carry out difficult specification.

Increase pressure with the touch of a button

The design of EVE allows for home owners to swap between bar ratings at any moment with just the touch of a button, even after installation. Featuring a touch selection on the pump, the interface allows customers to increase or decrease the pressure as they wish.

This means that homeowners can increase the setting of the pump up to 3 bar when they want a higher-powered shower, and can equally bring the pressure down to 2 or 1.5 bar just as easily.

For more information, visit

Salamander have created a comprehensive range of POS to promote EVE in retail showrooms, with displayists receiving preferential terms. To enquire about becoming an EVE displayist, please contact your local Ideal Bathrooms ASM for further information.

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